Cancel and/or switch plans anytime. Full flexibility.

  • Limited swipes: users using the free version will have daily limits of 50 swipes to select their recommended spots
  • Limited Personalization: free users will be provided personalized suggestions on the feed based on their activity and swipes
  • Generated Journey List: free users will be able to generate a list from their selected spots (by swiping right). However, they will be unable to convert it into our automatic trip itinerary generator.
  • Limited Sharing Capabilities: can share journeys with others (no editing), limited number of friends, no friend activity available
  • Unlimited Swipes: users using the premium version will have unlimited swipes to freely select all recommended spots presented on the app
  • Full Personalization: premium users will be able to have suggestions fully personalized to them based on their user activity, interests, friend activity, and preferences in budget and other factors
  • Automatic Trip Itinerary Planner and Generator: After premium users finalize their vacation lists, the Wondur app will automatically generate a full itinerary and plan for their trip.
  • Full Sharing Capabilities: premium users are able to fully collaborate with their friends on journeys, add friends, and see friend activity